Non Revertetur

We are excited to be playing Fright Night at the Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas. The show starts at 5 P.M. on October 25th, 2017, and we very much hope you'll join us.

As a reminder, we have this blurb over on our Shows and Events page (emphasis added):
The Dangerous Experiment is ready on short notice to play your event, and in our view, every occasion is a good occasion for instrumental progressive rock and improv. If you are interested in adding our sound to your lineup, please use the contact widget on the right-hand side of this page, or reach out to us on Facebook. We respond promptly

Please try before you buy!

Prospective clients are welcome to reach out to us for comp'd tickets to an upcoming show.
Take us up on our offer!

You can find details about the show here



Those of you who are not following our Facebook page may have missed out on this "exciting" new guitar lesson I recorded over the weekend. Check it out.



Hot off the presses, we have been called back for another fine engagement at the world-famous Diamond Jim's Saloon in Arlington, Texas.

We'll be warming up the crowd for The Anchor and Scarlet Canary's "Shut Up and Mosh!" tour. Both of these bands hail from Denver, Colorado, so you can expect the kind of hard-hitting hard rock typically only available in the Intermountain West.

See you there.


Alio Capite

You can now find The Dangerous Experiment on Soundcloud. Follow our Soundcloud profile for all the latest in dangerous sonic experiments, free downloads, and other goodies.


Veni Vidi Vici

We had a great time last Saturday at Diamond Jim's. Thanks for coming out. We'll be back soon.


Hic Sumus

For those of you who like your music dangerous, as we do, we are happy to establish this dangerous little island of internet real estate, your lone connection into our dangerous world of musical experimentation.

Your lone connection, that is, unless you count all the others:
  • Find us on Facebook here.
  • Find Ryan on Instagram here.
  • Find Erick on Instagram here.
Don't forget to peruse the site in its current state of infancy. For example, we have a couple of demos up on the Sights & Sounds Page; we have an upcoming show.