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The Dangerous Experiment began a few years back as an alternative hard rock band. Through a long process of honing our craft and our ability to communicate with each other musically, we finally made the transition to a full-on progressive rock / jam band in 2017. Armed with some of the finest and most technically accomplished veteran rock players in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, each Dangerous Experiment performance promises great hooks, soaring solos, deep and extensive improvisations, and instrumental pyrotechnics that all hearken back to a time when rock music could be both engaging and innovative, both meditative and communicative, both accessible and... pretentious? (No, not us!) With music that evokes diverse influences such as Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Steve Winwood, and Rush, we promise to leave no audience unsatisfied.

If you're looking for a local prog rock band that finally delivers the goods, look no further than The Dangerous Experiment.

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