Tumultum Adduxit Tempus

We have another show tomorrow, and we'd like you to be there. So, please be there. Here are the details:

Come to think of it, we've been playing quite a few shows recently, and I've sadly neglected to keep this website updated. To rectify this error, I will update the past shows section of our Shows & Events page.

In other news, we've started work on our debut album. More details to follow soon. And we're booking shows for the Autumn season, so if you haven't yet gotten your fill of The Dangerous Experiment, you soon shall have it.



Happy New Year, fan(s)! We have a couple of exciting updates for you.

First, we now have an EPK. Every great up-and-coming band has an EPK, and now we do, too. Cruise on over to the EPK page to see what you're missing.

Second, we had the opportunity to play a pair of shows last month at the always-exciting Diamond Jim's Saloon. To our great pleasure, we opened for Day of Reckoning, featuring the legendary Rusty Cooley on guitar and awesomeness, as well as Brad Lambert, who is one of the finest rock vocalists in Texas rock. Make sure you check them out if you have the opportunity to do so. They are great!


We're hard at work writing and rehearsing new material to bring to a live music venue near you in the very near future. We've also equipped our rehearsal room with multitrack recording and video production equipment, so you can expect fabulous low-budget YouTube videos from us very soon.